Tick Spraying Done Right!

Did You Know That Only 2% of Deer Ticks are Found in Your Lawn? 

You may think you are protecting yourself from these pests by applying granular insecticide to the lawn, when in fact you are barely impacting their numbers. According to The Tick Management Handbook by Dr. Kirby Stafford III, research shows that 89% of Deer Ticks are living in wooded areas and where the woods meet your property. The other 9% are living in ornamental planting beds in your yard. This is why when I do a Tick Spray Treatment I only focus on these hotspots. Not only does this minimize the amount of pesticide on your property, it guarantees the best results.

Spraying the Ornamental Beds and 20 feet into the Wood Line throughout the growing season can knock down up to 98% of the Deer Tick Population in your yard.